About Us

“Where do you begin when talking about yourself? ‘I’m 42. I feel old every day. I did great stuff a long time ago.'” said Shawn.

Carter interrupted, “Dad, you’re the best Dad. Let’s start there.”

They hug. This is why life is good.

Carter sniffs Dad’s sweatshirt.

“When was the last time you washed this?”


“This Sunday?”

“Sunday-ish? What do you care? You’re 7. I used to change your diapers. One day, you’ll probably change mine!”

“That’s a thing?”

“Yes,” said Dad, finally slowing things down.

“They make diapers that big?”

With that, the legendary Dad Bod tackles Carterman, setting off a major wrestling match. The young cub will prevail, but Dad will make a fight of it.

For the record, Carter is in elementary school, Dad is a graduate of Teikyo Post University (now Post University). Both educations will mean the same thing in a few years.

This photo of the Potato Salad Marmalade podcasting team of Shawn and Carter, shows the duo enjoying their latest LEGO creation, a Star Wars thing that no one will remember where the parts are for in a few days.