Back to School.

Carter started back at school today. It was a bittersweet feeling, really. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been right here together, coming up with podcast ideas, or coping with the volume of one another’s devices, but the house was extremely…quiet…today.

Look, it’s only two days a week, but Bubba is back around kids and not around the adults and their potty mouths and bad habits. He needs to be a kid and be in a place where we know he can be safe being just that. A kid.

When I started the podcast with him last September, I never imagined the amount of wisdom that I would hear come out of him. When we’d talk in pre-show meetings, he was always discussing these great ideas that he had or things he had read. Now, he’s just growing up.

I hope that you guys enjoy watching (well, listening, really!) to him growing up alongside us. It’s a precious time and we’re enjoying spreading the happiness here that we do.

– Shawn

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