Episode 26: Our Cartoon World and Its Secret Pets

We didn’t even make it through the opening of the show before things were thrown into disarray. Carter had no interest in what we had to offer. No salamander talk for him! Instead…he offered better. What if we had our own cartoon show? What would it be and what would it look like? Also, what if we had a secret pet? Our French bulldog, Savanah, is stubborn in her love, and won’t share her humans, so we’d need to hide a new pet from her. What would we get? Where would we keep them? (During this segment, Shawn incorrectly identifies the capuchin monkey as the rhesus monkey. There’s a big difference. Sorry for the error.)

Mixing Engineer: Jonathan Melcher

Potato Salad Marmalade is a proud member of the Peak Sloth Podcast Network

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