Episode 7: Wacky Libs and Challenging Listener Questions

This week was Dad’s birthday and he got everything he wanted: a nice time with his family. (Cue the “awwwws” now!) After the cake has been cut and the presents were handed out, how else could Shawn connect with his “main man?” With two things that help him connect with his childhood: Mad Libs and silly rhetorical questions! Imagination is the best. Lovable Nintendo Wii-living Frenchman S.Hawn S.Mith makes an appearance (don’t let Dad know about the “Bro Court” thing – he still isn’t aware!) Thanks to our friends at @parentstogether (https://www.instagram.com/parentstogether/) for the great conversation prompts (they’re the best) and, as always, check us out all over the web:

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