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  • Episode 24: Enter the Temple of Boom

    The big guy (read: Carter) needs headphones this week, so we take a trip to a store that was recommended by our friend Nice Guy Guy, The Temple of Boom! Sure, the name sounds a little ominous, but it won't be TOO scary, will it? Let's dive into the Three Trials of the Headless Tiger and earn a new pair!

  • Episode 23: If I Had a Band

    What a great show this week. It's rare that we have a moment that gives us chills, but this week, we had them! Why? Well, Carter introduces us to a super rad new band this week...and he's going to sing a new song as well!

  • Episode 22: En-chilly-ladas Are America’s Favorite Meaty Snack

    Like the title says, we figured out the coolest new snack to hit the market, the EN-CHILLY-LADA! It's frozen meat and who doesn't want frozen meat snacks? Yum!

  • Episode 21: It’s a Super Sonic Kinda Life

    "Hey Carter! You wanna play a game?" Like that, a love for videogames was born. Who wouldn't want to hang out with Dad and play some fun old games? But in doing so, had Shawn created a monster? Now, he has to work with Bubba on the podcast to decide the greatest videogame hero, Mario or Sonic?

  • Upcoming T-shirt Design

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  • Episode 20: The Either or The Or and The Re-do

    Ever wondered if Carter would choose "up" or "down" when pressed? Us too. That's why we were so happy when Producer Mommy suggested the Either/Or segment for this week's show.

  • Episode 19 Up Now!

    We’re almost to 20! Most podcasts don’t make it this far, but you’ve helped us all the way. check out what Carter and I get up to this week and […]

  • Back to School.

    Carter started back at school today. It was a bittersweet feeling, really. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been right here together, coming up with podcast ideas, or coping with the volume […]

  • Episode 19: The Superstore and Stupendous Secret Skills

    Carter has a particular set of skills: they involve robots and singing! Find out more on this week's show.

  • Episode 18: Let’s Talk Robots to Save Humanity and Jell-O Too!

    Carter is going to be a scientist. That's a fact, the kid is too bright and he's always inventing stuff. Take his personal mini-fridge for example.