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  • Episode 32: Bad Haircuts and Family Pics, Vacations on the Beach Part 3

    Where DID Dad's hair go? Prior to last week, Shawn was big on long communicating well with his hairdressers. Never once did a professional mess up his hair so badly that he wanted to cry. Well, he finally found the barber to take his good haircut streak and throw it all out the window. He's bald.

  • Episode 31: A Change of Scenery and Either/Or

    On this week's show, Shawn and Carter get a break from the ordinary and take the Smith family down to Florida via Dad's car. Everyone's packed in for the trip and it makes for a lot of fun. Car games were played on the way down from Maryland and, of course, Carter crushed it at I, Spy.

  • Episode 30: Oceans vs. Pools, Who Wins this Aquatic War?

    All it takes is one trip, just ONE trip, to the ocean and Carter seems hooked. Hours were spent trying to body surf the waves and it was great to watch. Will this boy be forever hooked on saltwater or is the fresh water of a nice pool still something he loves? Does he even have to choose which is best? (Actually, that was his idea.) Now that he's been in the water that long, what will he say is his favorite kind of body of water: oceans or pools?

  • Episode 29: The Hottest Dogs and Freezy, Rockety Pops

    Carter wanted to go. Dad didn't want to go at all, but he's never one to say no to the kid...or to a challenge. This week, Shawn and the little guy go head-to-head at the Howard County-Patapsco Valley Hot Dog Eating Contest and someone is going to be filled with regret. No spoilers. Also, the boys talk about their favorite non-ice cream Summer treats. Yummy to the max!

  • Episode 28: Carter Goes to the Moon

    With Dad away at the accountant, Carter needed something fun to do. Leave it to S.Hawn and Jeffrey the Astronaut to make the child's afternoon with sandwiches on the moon!

  • Episode 27: The New National Holidays and Mom Hugs

    Listeners, friends, lend us your ears! In this week's episode, Carter and I talk about the great holiday of Mother's Day and why we love our Moms so much. Also, we get into a discussion of what other kinds of holidays we think that the world could use and how it would improve things dramatically. Would we want something more fun? More adventurous? You'll have to tune in to find out!

  • Episode 26: Our Cartoon World and Its Secret Pets

    We didn't even make it through the opening of the show before things were thrown into disarray. Carter had no interest in what we had to offer. No salamander talk for him! Instead...he offered better. What if we had our own cartoon show? What would it be and what would it look like? Also, what if we had a secret pet?

  • Episode 25: It’s Mortal Kombat with Vegetables!

    It started at dinner. Carter was pushing vegetables around his plate and I got to thinking, "What if we saw our own Mortal Kombat right now on the plate, like, what if Super Smash Bros. broke out right now, but involving the veggies?"

  • Episode 24: Enter the Temple of Boom

    The big guy (read: Carter) needs headphones this week, so we take a trip to a store that was recommended by our friend Nice Guy Guy, The Temple of Boom! Sure, the name sounds a little ominous, but it won't be TOO scary, will it? Let's dive into the Three Trials of the Headless Tiger and earn a new pair!

  • Episode 23: If I Had a Band

    What a great show this week. It's rare that we have a moment that gives us chills, but this week, we had them! Why? Well, Carter introduces us to a super rad new band this week...and he's going to sing a new song as well!